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TheHPFan would like to congratulate Emma Watson, on receiving the 2013 MTV Trailblazer Award.  We are so proud of you, Emma! Best of luck in the future!


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JK Rowling named the two drivers of the Knight Bus, after her own grandfathers.

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Most of the Black family are named after stars and constellations—Sirius is so named after the Dog Star, alluding to his canine Patronus.

Just Jared Interviews Evanna Lynch, Plus New Photoshoot
Posted by Victoria - 01 Jun 2012
Some news from someone we haven't heard from in a bit - Evanna Lynch! In a new interview/photo shoot with Just Jared, we get to hear about her dream roles, getting cast as Luna, working on Sinbad, reading, Michael Jackson and more.

JJ: How did shooting TV compare to your film experiences?

EL: I was excited and nervous because it was the first thing I did since Harry Potter, so it was the first thing I kind of felt like, you know this is job. Harry Potter was my childhood and it felt very safe and this was something I was excited about. I wanted to work and meet new people. (You can still vote for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 as MTV’s Movie of the Year!)

JJ: Tell me about the day you got your Harry Potter role and then the last day on set.

EL: It was when I was 14. I knew they were going to call me and tell me whether I got it or not. It was on a Monday and so I told my mom, “We need to go straight home after school.” I was checking my phone and nothing, nothing. Then she was like, ” We need to go pick up some groceries.” and I was like, “No, because you’ll take so long. I’ll get the groceries.” So I went into the store and I got the call!

And the day [I] left was obviously a sad day to see that chapter close. My last day was a group scene. I didn’t have any lines… I remember being there and being so happy to see everyone again. It wasn’t until the very end when I went to say goodbye to the producers and director David Yates that I just broke down, because that was when I first came to the studio for my first audition, that was where we went first. It was all very new and I ended up feeling so at home there...
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First Clip of Emma Watson in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"
Posted by Victoria - 01 Jun 2012
In a new promo from MTV, we get a sneak peak at the soon to be released promo clip from Emma Watson's new film The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Based on the book by Steven Chbosky, "Perks" comes out September 14th, 2012. In this first look, we get a peak at Emma's AMERICAN ACCENT, and her playing as Sam alongside Logan Lerman as Charlie.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm definitely reading this book this summer!

ALSO, don't forget to sign our petition for Emma to attend a potential Toronto premiere of Perks, come its promo and release in September! She's never been to Canada before!
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New Still of Emma Watson in 'Bling Ring' from Entertainment Weekly
Posted by Victoria - 26 May 2012
A new still of Emma Watson in Sofia Coppola's film The Bling Ring has been released via an article in Entertainment Weekly magazine. The scan (courtesy of WatsonUncensored) can be found below, just click to enlarge it. Emma is in the middle, wearing sunglasses and white fluffy vest.

On Emma's involvement, EW says: To prepare for writer-director Sofia Coppola's drama (release TBD) about the real-life, fame-obsessed thieves who allegedly stole from the homes of celebs like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, Emma watson (center) turned to the best resource imaginable. "I just watched a ton of reality TV," she says. "I was doing an English course, so I would go from reading Virginia Woolf, to wathing Kim Kardashian. I think I kind of loved it, this mix of super-high and super-low culture. I think it was a nice balance."

On another note, TheHPFan has created a petition for Summit Entertainment to host a premiere for Emma's film "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" in Toronto this fall, with Emma there.Please SIGN HERE if you'd like to see her come to Canada for the first time - this would give us a great opportunity to finally interview her for you guys! laughing
Emma Watson's 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' to Release September 14
Posted by Mariam - 24 May 2012
Emma Watson's The Perks of Being a Wallflower has finally been given a specific release date; September 14, 2012. Summit Entertainment has announced that the film will have an initial limited release, playing in select theatres.

The first teaser trailer for the drama film will be presented by Emma and her co-stars Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller at the MTV Awards pre-show on June 3rd.
Bloomsbury to Re-Release 'Beedle the Bard', 'Quidditch Through the Ages' & 'Fantastic Beasts'
Posted by Mariam - 24 May 2012
Yesterday there was some confusion over a new 'three-book box-set' relating to Harry Potter that Bloomsbury briefly mentioned would 'boost sales in the coming year' - that has now been confirmed to be a re-release of the Potter companion books as a complete set.

A picture of the re-packaged hard-cover book set, which will include J.K. Rowling's Quidditch Through the Ages, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Tales of Beedle the Bard, can be seen below. According to Bloomsbury, this 'Hogwarts Library' set will be released in fall.

Bloomsbury Mentions New '3 book box-set' from JK Rowling; Jo Dispells Immediate Encyclopaedia Plans
Posted by Mariam - 22 May 2012
Two interesting news pieces emerged today - firstly, Bloomsbury, the U.K. publishers of Harry Potter, released reports regarding their year's profits and sales which mentioned a new 'three-book box set' from J.K. Rowling relating to the Potter world. Bloomsbury added that they will be relying on this set for their coming year's profit. From Reuters:

Bloomsbury, the publisher of the "Harry Potter" series by author JK Rowling, also said it was counting on a new Rowling three-book box set tied into the Potter series, and a non-fiction account of spies in World War II to support sales in the coming year.

Next, Jo updated the F.A.Q. section on her official site with an unfortunate statement concerning the much-wanted encyclopaedia of Harry Potter facts and histories; Jo no longer has any definite plans to publish it. Here's the excerpt:

What about the Harry Potter Encyclopaedia?

Updated May 2012
I have been enjoying sharing information about Harry’s world on Pottermore for free, and don’t have any firm plans to publish it in book form.

So now this leaves fans to speculate over whether the three-book box set will simply be a re-release of the Potter companion books, which are Quidditch Through the Ages, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and The Tales of Beetle the Bard, or other Hogwarts library texts, or something else entirely (although now that the encyclopaedia's been crossed out, we're down to slim pickings.) Thoughts on what the new set could be?

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