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For Hallowe’en, costume parties—you name it—putting together a Hogwarts uniform can be slightly


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tricky.  Here are the essential pieces you’ll need to pull it off, plus a few funky accessories to add to the look.


Essential Pieces

1. A nice, white, collared shirt/blouse.  For both male and female students, this is a must!

2. Dress pants/skirt.  For guys, a simple pair of black or grey dress pants will do just fine.  For girls, you can opt for the pants, or better yet a pleated skirt (again, grey or black, preferably).  If you wanted to modernize the look a little bit, you could even go for a black pencil skirt.  If you do pick a

2. skirt, you can try and add gray or black (whichever the skirt is not) tights to the ensemble.

3. Tie.  Hogwarts ties can be found in oodles of places—all you have to do is search online, and you’ll find them everywhere from the Warner Bros Shop, to Alivan’s.  If you don’t have time/resources to get an official tie, you can always use a standard, solid coloured one, representing either Red (Gryffindor), Gold (Hufflepuff), Navy (Ravenclaw) or Green (Slytherin).

4. Footwear can be tricky—typically the shoes of Hogwarts students are quite varied, and unless you chose to opt for a Loony Lovegood look, you’re not going to want shoes that draw attention to themselves.  Either go for a pair of simple trainers (not sport shoes persay), or go for a sophisticated Oxford shoe.  Girls can even try Mary Jane shoes (like Hermione in the first few films) or black ballet flats.

5. Your wand!  How else will you go to Hogwarts?  You can search for wands from various vendors online (we recommend Alivan’s for good variety/quality/pricing), or even just fashion one out of a branch from a tree!  Lots of internet tutorials are available on crafting these branches into pieces of art—totally wizarding world ready!



1. Hogwarts students wouldn’t be ready for class without a book bag.  What’s cool is how you can totally personalize whatever bag you pick.  The most common is a messenger bag—you could go for a beat-up leather or denim one, and attach Hogwarts pins to it, or even an official Harry Potter merch one.  Fill your bag with whatever you need to bring along.

2. Sweater vests, robes and cardigans!  The students of Hogwarts like to add on to their uniforms with some stylish sweaters and robes—go for a gray cardigan, a black sweater vest, or even some of the official costume wear from the films.

3. Nail polish!  Show off some school spirit, see tutorials on Harry Potter nail art here.

4. A quill!  You can find feathers at craft stores—put them in a nifty case or bag, and pop ‘em in the side of your book bag, to show off!


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Most of the Black family are named after stars and constellations—Sirius is so named after the Dog Star, alluding to his canine Patronus.