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Think you know everything about Harry Potter?  We’ll see about that!  John Paul has put together

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This is a non-profit, unofficial fansite. We’re not affiliated with WB, JK Rowling or anyone else on the Harry Potter team.  We don’t claim any of the images as our own, unless specified.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Canada’s Top Harry Potter Fansite

Top Spot for the Dedicated Potter Fan

some seriously skill testing questions, preying on tiny details from the books, and if you can answer them—you’re a top notch Potterhead!  Have a look at the questions, and then check to see if you solved them.



Question: In St. Mungo's Hospital, what type of magical maladies are treated on the third floor?

Question: How much money did Fred and George bet at the Quidditch World Cup?

Question: Which relative of Sirius gave him a lot of money, with which he got his own residence?

Question: What was the name of the wizard guard that Harry Confunded, outside of Gringots?

Question: How many vaults was the dragon inside Gringots barring access to?

Question: When Harry was watching Snape’s memory of Lily and Petunia in the park, what was the ground beneath the swings?

Question: Which streets was the alleyway between, when Harry and Dudley were attacked by the two Dementors?



N A M E   O R I G I N S



Most of the Black family are named after stars and constellations—Sirius is so named after the Dog Star, alluding to his canine Patronus.

C O S T U M E S  &  H A I R


Guides to replicating costumes, hairstyles, and even some nail art, from the Harry Potter films.