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Long ago were the days of itchy jumpers and woolly tights—Hermione and company are on the run,

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Canada’s Top Harry Potter Fansite

Top Spot for the Dedicated Potter Fan

and Hermione has shifted into a more relaxed, knit, comfortable wardrobe.  Click the links for examples.


Essential Pieces

1. A warm woolly sweater is an iconic Hermione piece during Deathly Hallows Part 1—considering the many cool fall/winter nights the trio spend camping.  For an exact match of the one she wears through several of these scenes, try this Fairisle Knitted Button Cardigan from Zara.  You could even opt for a Beach Hoodie, or subtle Woolly Poncho.

2. Hermione also goes for a lot of ribbed, button necked tops and peasant blouses—including this one from Lux (worn in several promos for Half-Blood Prince).  She also wears this Zara peasant blouse, in several Deathly Hallows Part I scenes, with a magenta ribbed tank underneath.

3. Hermione opts for a lot of simple, bootcut, medium blue jeans.  They’re never too worn out and faded, but not pristine either.  They usually don’t have any embellishments, like big tears or rhinestones, etc.  She keeps it very plain.

4. In terms of shoes, she always wears something weather durable, comfy and stylish yet rugged.  Usually, this is some simple brown leather boots, sometimes even desert boots.



1. Throw on a cool scarf!  Stick to mainly neutrals, and never anything to fancy—either go worn out looking, or woolly and manky.  Hermione frequently wears a nice pinkish/brown scarf in several scenes during Deathly Hallows—available at Forever 21, called the Smocked Floral Scarf.  Freshisle Fibers has even come up with knitting patterns, to create the cozy scarf she wears during the Hogsmeade scenes of Half-Blood Prince.

2. Gloves!  Hermione dawns a lot of chunky knit mittens and fingerless gloves during the films.  Freshisle Fibers has made knitting patterns for Hermione mittens, that match the scarf shown in Step 1.

3. No witch or wizard is ready without a wand…


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