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Staffers: John Paul, Ashley

Open since: October 27th, 2009

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This is a non-profit, unofficial fansite. We’re not affiliated with WB, JK Rowling or anyone else on the Harry Potter team.  We don’t claim any of the images as our own, unless specified.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Harry Potter Sites

HP Supporters                                HP Magic Lives On                           Harry Potter Wikia

Magical-Menagerie                          Books and Wands


Harry Potter Cast

Helena Bonham Carter Central       JKR Fan                                           Rupert Grint-US

EmmaW                                          IHeartWatson                                              --


Female Stars

Jennifer Lawrence Org.                    Georgie-Henley                                          H-Steinfeld

Niamh Wilson Fansite                     Kaya Scoledario Network                             Chloe Moretz

Jen-Lawrence                            Keira Knightly Fan                                            Alison Brie Web


Male Stars

Logan Lerman Italia


Other Sites

William/Katherine Fan

Canada’s Top Harry Potter Fansite

Top Spot for the Dedicated Potter Fan

Rules for Fansite Affiliation:

Your site must be HQ, have a good layout, frequent updates (once a week at least), be a fansite, have a real domain name, no free servers/hosting (webs, yola, wix… some wordpress sites may be considered), no profanity/hate/swearing/pornographic content.


Send the information below to, if you fit the requirements.

-site name

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-level of affiliation

-email address




C O S T U M E S  &  H A I R


Guides to replicating costumes, hairstyles, and even some nail art, from the Harry Potter films.

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