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By Victoria, webmiss   /   July 4th, 2011

With the upcoming premiere of the final film, Harry Potter fans have been thirsting to hear more about the new movie, meanwhile the cast and crew are flooding into London from all over the world to prepare for the big night in Leicester Square. Amidst her busy schedule, TheHPFan got the chance to have a quick interview with the talented, beautiful Bonnie Wright—who plays Ginny Weasley in the films. We hurried to prepare as many questions as we could, while also collecting question submissions from fans. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or the site… our fans responded. Questions flooded in – everything from fans wanting to know about learning to tango in the Goblet of Fire, your favourite nail polish, to even wanting to know whether or not you type with a British accent – the fans were thirsting to hear from you, Bonnie. And now we, and they, have. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity – to you, and all of the folks at CLD

Communications/United Agents.  Fans – we hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as we did conducting it!


If the character Harry Potter was a real person, do you think you would fall for him like Ginny? Submitted by @Lil_Red_ArianaG via Twitter

Bonnie: How could you not? He’s brave, honest, loyal, fun, good looking and mysterious.


What advice would you give to young people hoping to chose acting as their career for the future? Submitted by Boya via Facebook

Bonnie: Follow your dreams… believe in yourself… listen and learn.


I heard your parents made/designed Harry and Ginny’s wedding rings for the epilogue.  Can you describe what they looked like? Submitted by @muntzvillah via Twitter

Bonnie: They did.  They were beautiful rose gold rings.  Both Harry’s and Ginny’s match.


Do you have any plans to do any theatre or other future projects? Submitted by @conisberg via Twitter

Bonnie: I’d love to; when the time comes, I am there!


What are your fashion and beauty tips, and favourite brands/trends? Submitted by @phoneyponey via Twitter

Bonnie: Be yourself—if you feel great in your clothes, and you are happy, then you will look radiant.



What can we expect from Ginny in Deathly Hallows Part 2?

Bonnie: She becomes a warrior with the rest of Hogwarts fighting against evil.


We’ve heard that there have been a lot of changes from the book to this film, i.e. different deaths, cut scenes, new scenes, etc. Care to comment?

Bonnie: Unfortunately we can never include everything, I wish we could!!!


Your first and last scenes of the saga were at King’s Cross Station. What do you remember from each of them?

Bonnie: It was very surreal beginning and starting on the same set. It was a complete circle, it was truly magical. So sad to be over!


Speaking of the scene at King’s Cross, what was it like to play Mrs. Potter? What did you use as your motivation? What was the transformation to a 35 year-old Ginny like? How were the young cast?

Bonnie: Very strange, it was like playing a whole new character. It was so fun thinking of the years that they must have led as a Potter family. The kids who played the children we great! I was the same age as them when I started so it was a complete general cycle.


Ginny & Harry’s relationship seems quite highlighted in Deathly Hallows Part 2. What does Ginny and Harry’s story mean to you?

Bonnie: Everything, its what brings our characters together. Its such a unique relationship for two people that age. She is the past, present and future.


In terms of relationships, a big congrats to you and Jamie. What are your immediate plans?

Bonnie: Just to live and enjoy life.


How do you think the Harry Potter experience has shaped you, and what is the most important thing you’ve learned?

Bonnie: It has inspired me to follow my dreams and keep acting and making movies. It was such an amazing experience that it will always be part of me.


Tell us about your current/upcoming projects.

Bonnie: I am on set at the moment for my new film, The Philosophers. Its going so so well! We're shooting in Indonesia all the other cast are lovely….. I think it is a great change from Ginny but my character is still very confident and wise like Ginny.


Obviously Harry Potter and all of its cast have a huge fan base, what is the most touching or meaningful experience you’ve ever had with a fan?

Bonnie: The dedication of the fans is outstanding. Every time we have a premiere we are shocked and honoured to see the continuing support. I think the Potter fans are the best in the world! All ages, all cultures!


Thanks very much to Bonnie for giving this interview, especially with your busy schedule, and to Kate Thompson, Julia Boccanera and Clair Dobbs for helping us make it possible.  To show our appreciation and gratitude, we have made a donation to Sleeping Children Around the World on your behalf.


Also, thanks to all of the fans who submitted questions—whether or not yours were picked, every single one of them was greatly appreciated!







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