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Guides to replicating costumes, hairstyles, and even some nail art, from the Harry Potter films.

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Giving back, and uniting for world peace and justice.  Together, as a fandom.


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Tiffany, UK says:  If Bonnie Wright ever reads this, I want you to know that you are a hero and inspiration.  You are beautiful, and one day, I hope to meet you & thank you for being Ginny! <3 Good luck in life!


MARIA, Brazil says:  If JK Rowlings ever reads this, I hope to say thanks to you for writing my childhood, and making my life special with these books. They will have always a special place in my heart. Sorry my English not good, I used translate online.


Michael P., Canada says:  If Emma Watson ever reads this, I love you you are stunning.


Melissa & Kendall, USA says:  If Rupert Grint or Emma Watson ever reads this, please come to Kentucky where we love you very much.


Olivia, Canada says:  If Jo Rowling ever reads this, thank you for everything.  What else is there to say?










The Harry Potter Alliance

Lumos! Charity

People Tree

International Quidditch Association

Trevor Project

Amnesty International

These are just a few of the wonderful charities that Jo, and members of the Harry Potter cast and fandom have stepped out to become involved with.  Join them & help make a change.

NEW: January 2012

TheHPFan is honoured to have made a donation to Sleeping Children Around the World, as a gift of gratitude for Bonnie Wright and the lovely interview she gave us.  Here is the photo that SCAW sent us, of the child who received the package.


Emma Watson collaborates with Alberta Ferretti, to create fair-trade organic label ‘Pure Threads.’  Proceeds go to ‘People Tree.’


Daniel Radcliffe wins the Trevor Project Hero Award, an organization for whom he has been a prominent spokesperson.



Welcome to Dumbledore’s Army.